Access to FTP servers


Hello! On Windows I prefer using Notepad++ and I really like the possibility that I can access FTP servers and edit code directly on them. That’s why I’d like to see such possibility using Atom. I have a question too: will Atom be available for Windows OS?

FTP client for Atom?
Working with an FTP client

Here’s the official statement on timeline for other platforms:

Just to be clear, this thread is about FTP access. Any responses that are about Windows and timelines for it will be moved to another topic.


I’d love to be able to have FTP access it’s one of the main reasons our company uses Coda. Please implement this feature.

Would it be possible for someone to create a package for this?


Seeing what some others have made, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t possible.


For me this is the main feature that is holding me back from switching over form Sublime Text. I love being able to edit a file save it and upload it to my server really quickly inside the editor.


I would love to see SFTP access as well :slight_smile: And make sure it is capable of using Keys instead of passwords :slight_smile:


+1 - The feature would make me switch.


This is possible by doing a package, they are severals modules for npm to acces a FTP server. I won’t be using this, so not really in the mood of developing this.

But this could be a starting point:


I keep switching back to ST3 for this reason I am using SFTP package which should be pretty simple to implement in A more immersive UX would require some work to tree-view (can you override default packages?).

You might look at this as well:


+1 - publish-to-SFTP functionality would make me switch.

I use Coda, Espresso, and Sublime Text. Of them all, I love the simple and elegant way Espresso implements the server-sync feature.

Rather than try to replicate the functionality of a full SFTP client such as Transmit, Espresso simply lets you configure a server(s) to publish to, then while-ever turned on it simply syncs local edits to the selected server whenever you save a file locally.

I would imagine that this functionality would be relatively easy to implement as an Atom package rather than a more full-blown SFTP client (with browsing of remote folders, etc).


One way to implement the minimal functionality of this would be to execute a bash-script every time a file-save event is triggered - ie: “sftp”.


I am looking at a package that will download a remote folder and then upload that folder back to the server. I don’t want my local files to get out of sync with the remote files. Next steps would be choosing only certain sub-folders or files to download/upload. And then sync on edit/save.

Remote edit by atom editor

This Node package seems to be pretty hot right now:

Maybe some industrious node developer could fork it for an APM.


Hello miking7:

You may be interested in watching this project:

I’m creating/porting a plugin that will work similar to how Coda and Espresso work - on file save, it uploads the file via FTP to the remote location that mirrors the local project directory.

I originally created this plugin for Brackets, but after losing interest in the Brackets editor I wandered on to Sublime Text 3. I discovered Atom this week and loved it, so I spent most of today porting everything over! I suspect I’ll have a working version this weekend/next week.


@theproducer Great initiative. What’s the status: is it ready for use, still in development or has it been put on hold?

I won’t be able to switch to Atom until an FTP plugin is avaliable


@Hagge, there are a few FTP packages available:


For anyone still wrestling with the FTP issue:

I set up a web disk in cPanel, opened it in Nautilus, and was able to access the folder in Atom, tree view and all.

This may not solve everyone’s issue with ftp access, but it gave me exactly what I wanted: the ability to view my site in tree view, and open and save via the atom interface.



FTP, SFTP, FTPS support will make this tool trully universal!
Please add this :smile:


Have you tried the remote-edit package?