Acceptable Metrics/Tracking/Collecting data from Packages?


I was just wondering if there were best practices/things to keep in mind with regards to collecting data/metrics from packages.

Atom has the core Metrics package which does this (with the option to disable it obviously), would the same be acceptable if other packages did so?

I would like to collect some basic metrics from my packages, things like package load/activation time, host OS, Atom version etc to better enhance the packages and was hoping for some insight in to what would be deemed fair and acceptable.

Obviously no sensitive data would be collected, and users will be able to disable sending metrics data if they so wish to.

Thoughts & comments would be appreciated!

Analytics in package
Tracking analytics in packages

I doubt I would use a package that sent metrics in any sort of live way. While I do leave the metrics and exception tracking packages in Atom turned on, I just don’t feel that a package author really needs that kind of information.

Keeping load and activation time down is simple enough … don’t load anything until you really, really need it … hopefully only when the user has actually requested some part of your functionality. And there are methods for building CI into your packages that covers both OS X (and Linux too, I believe) and Windows … which should help you catch most platform-specific issues.

Finally, if a package author insisted that they needed data like this … I would strongly advocate for an opt-in model, rather than an opt-out one.


Fair enough! :smile:

It was planning on going for an opt-in model in any case, and furthermore I wasn’t entirely sure how much it would help.

And the points you made were already playing on my mind. So I figured I would clear up a couple of things, before I spent time on formulating what data would be useful and how best to obtain it.


To be honest, I’ve found that the community here is really helpful when trying out new ideas or if you need help tweaking things one way or another when working on a package. We all want to make Atom better … and a big way to do that is by having great packages to use!

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