Accents breaks syntax highlighting


What happens is that I am writing an application where I require write with accents, but the theme breaks syntax highlighting, could help me with this problem?


I’m not sure why the break happens and there’s probably a bug report to fill on that.
However for immediate solution you could escape those accented char in \uFFFF format


You should file an Issue on the repository for the language package that you observe the problem in. It appears that the package in this case is language-php.


this happens in any language that I write, also in html


I’m sorry to ask this of you, but do you have a minimum repro for the languages that you’re encountering this in? Or at least a list of languages that you see this problem in?


Of course!
so far I have worked with js, html, css and php and any of these languages I had problems with accents


For the record, I did a quick check in JS and HTML files, and I cannot reproduce your problem.
Using French accents é ù ô etc. on Windows 7 with Atom 1.3.2 and the Naturerainbow Light theme.
Have you tried to reproduce your issue with other themes?
What is the locale of your computer?


Thank you!
actually my problem was caused by a misconfiguration in the locale of my computer :slight_smile: far so ordinary, thank you very much everyone for your answers


Can you give more detail for the next one having this issue ?