About the Atom.exe


I would like to know how to install Atom on my Windows 10.
Previously, I downloaded the .exe from it; However, it only executes. It is not an installable program.
So, could you help me?


Where did you download it from? The .exe file that downloads from the home page is an installer. It places Atom in your AppData/Local/ folder.


The same is not even in the list of programs. And so does a friend of mine.


Did you download from https://atom.io?


I don’t understand this sentence. Please rephrase it.



I clicked on the main download button.


Excuse me. My English is not those things.
So Atom is not on my list of programs. And the same problem happens to a friend of mine.


What happens if you open the command prompt and type atom?


‘Atom’ is not recognized as an internal command
Or external, an operable program or a batch file.




Don’t use that! That’s meant for enterprise installations.

Instead, try re-running the AtomSetup.exe file.


I used what my friend said earlier, worked. .exe did not help me.
Sorted out