About the atom editor crashed


dear all:

I don`t know whether you have meet such circumstance,while I use the editor editing my code ,the window screen alert a dialogue once for a while that give me a tip “the editor has crashed”,please be notice it and solve it as soon as possible!

thank you!

Give me a explain about this circumstance

We haven’t encountered it, no. There are a nearly infinite number of reasons why the editor might have crashed, so without more information we can’t promise to fix it.

I would recommend going through the Debugging guide in the Flight Manual and see if you can replicate the problem. Additionally, Debugging guide has a section on collecting the crash log to submit with an Issue.


well,thanks for your replying!


A lot of friends of mine and I have a similar problem.
Editor crashes after minute of work.


Good to know. The next step (Leedohm’s answer) hasn’t changed though.