Abnormally high cpu usage


hello all,

atom seems like a wonderful project. just installed the latest atom.deb in an ubuntu 16 vm and noticed the cpu usage was unusually high. how can i debug?

also, are there plans to add PPA support for debian/ubuntu users? is there a reason atom isnt included in the default ubuntu repos? seems like it should be.


apologies, i realize now my post is a duplicate of:


actually, no. that post didnt help. nor did other posts about “high cpu usage”.

what info do you need from me to help resolve this?



There’s a rather detailed FAQ entry on all of this:


@leedohm there are some very common reasons for the atom CPU usages. For instance, I think mine was due to the spellcheck passage. A package that comes default. If it’s a default package then to the user it is is just Atom.

While to atom developers there is a distinction between packages and the atom core, to users there is not. We install atom, and we see problems. Then most users will go okay, I don’t like the product ‘Atom’ it is slow, I will go use something else. They don’t even realize why it is slow or if they do they don’t want to have to spend time debugging it.

Many many users are complaining about CPU usage and you say there are many causes. That is not a user problem, that is not a user config problem. That is a Atom problem. I really hope your developers are addressing them in the future releases.


There are many causes. Unless you believe that spell-check is the single cause of all of Atom’s performance problems?

I’m not sure where you’ve gotten the impression that I’m claiming that this is a user problem. If you can point me to where I wrote something that gave you that Idea, please let me know and I’ll happily correct it.

I’ve also never stated that something is a problem with someone’s configuration. What I do state is that someone’s configuration can have an impact or be the key to understanding what is going wrong. If the person running Atom can give us information that will help us find the problem and fix it faster, is it wrong to ask them for it?

We are addressing performance problems we identify in every release. All we ask is for the community to work with us in finding the performance problems they’re running into so that we can address them.


I guess my initial post was a tad impolite, but I don’t think the faq on the problem of high cpu usage is well thought out.

Having the #1 solution to high CPU usage be that users are using the wrong product and should switch to sublime or another program is neither helpful for the user nor constructive for the development of atom.

Also, since top common issues should be easier to find, not spread across a faq page an then two more linked manuals.


That’s not blaming the users. That’s saying that the way Atom is designed is not amenable to being a lightning-fast editor. It’s always going to have some load time and it can be expected to slow down under load. If that is a dealbreaker, there are plenty of near-instant command line editors.

Wow way to encourage your users. You guys seriously need to work on message delivery.

Your sarcasm indicates that you don’t believe that honestly teaching people about the extensive nature of the troubleshooting process is an effective way of encouraging users to make posts more detailed than, “My Atom is slow! Help!” and yet you offer no alternatives.



I have similar issues. I am working with relatively large Latex files (~3000 LoC). If the spell-check package is activated, I cannot really work with Atom. Typing a single letter requires up to seconds before it appears in the editor. Deactivating the spell-check package allows me to use Atom normally. I have this issue on my laptop (X1 Carbon, Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS) and on my workstation (Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS). I am using the version 1.23.2 of Atom. It seems that the problem only occurs when working with the large Latex files. Even in the same session, I can work on my python files without any issues. Is there an alternative spell checker for large Latex files?

Any help would be appreciated.