Ability to use stainless steel characters


I want to use the characters created by

stainless steel characters generation

in atom. It is blissful to imagine source code in atom with, say, golden / stainless steel font. What we write is is golden code, right? :slight_smile:

I am new to atom and also to this forum. I could not find the “features” category being accessible to me for posting this feature request.

I am also not sure what it means to achieve the same. Does it mean, I need to create a-zA-z…all 52+ ASCII characters as png/svg files and then create a font out of it?? (Is it possible?) and then use in atom?? Or does it need a special framework/feature to be worked on? I am not sure. But just thought would share it here.

Thank you very much.



It’s possible, but this question doesn’t have anything to do with Atom. You can make fonts based on colored images. This site has some good information about colored fonts.


I think this is a good info. Looks like I need to wait for some time before it becomes easy to use them in the way I want. I realize this feature require no effort (apparently) from atom team.