Ability to Shade the Region to the Right of the Max Column Indicator


I had spoken with a few developers here who had told me to post about package ideas that I didn’t think I could develop myself, just in case others might be interested in developing them. In Xcode, the region to the right of the max column length line is shaded:

Comparing it to Atom’s column line via wrap-guide.

The shaded style really helps to define the boundary for those who don’t have the best eyes.

Is it possible at all to develop a package that mimics this behavior? I’m not sure if this sort of functionality could be supported by Atom or not.

I might try to dig into it, but I don’t have much confidence for it.

PS: Apologies for the inappropriate content in my code, it literally is an esoteric language, in case some don’t know.


Maybe this would be better suited as an enhancement to wrap-guide.


You can do this with a very simple addition to styles.less:

atom-text-editor {
  .wrap-guide {
    width: 1000px;


Wow! Such a simple implementation! I have not yet made any changes to the styles.less document, so I never even knew to consider this. How do we know what parts of what packages are “hackable” in this way? I would’ve assumed this would’ve needed to be coded into the wrap-guide package.


You can look at the package code, which creates a <div> element, and at the style for the element.


Thank you very much. Always appreciate your help. It is crazy just how extensible Atom and even Atom packages are. Playing around and customizing it is just about as fun as using it.