A vertical line indicator for function / object / array end


Wonder if there’s any package that adds a vertical line for the function / object / array when the cursor is at the start.

It is kind of hard to explain so please take a look at the image below.
The thing I’m talking about is the yellow vertical line. (from notepad++)

Edit: currently atom does highlight the start and end of an object, but really appreciate if there’s a way to show the vertical line connecting the start and end of the object.


You can turn them all on but I don’t know of any way to make the one at the cursor look different. That would be cool and certainly should be put in a package.


try for wrap-guide package, maybe it helps you


@AtNovember wrap-guide won’t help with this. The feature that they are looking for is a modified version of what Atom calls “indent guides”.


Thank you!
I tryed for this https://atom.io/packages/indent-guide-improved
That was what i need! =)