A theme with vertical open file tabs


I made a theme with open project files listed vertically (next to the file tree) instead of horizontally (across the top of the editor) and I’m wondering where this breaks down. I’ve been using this theme for a while and it works great for my needs. But I would like to know if others find it useful, or problematic.

Feedback is much appreciated!
Thank you.

The theme is called Newton UI Dark

I’ve also made a syntax theme to go along with this called Newton UI Syntax


I could see where people with wide screens, 16/9, would really like this. My screen is just 4/3.


Sorry to necro an old post like that but I’ve been using your theme for so long I can’t imagine using Atom without it. It’s weird an option to lay out tabs vertically hasn’t been introduced to core as it really improves the tab experience in my opinion. A quick search in the themes directory shows only one other theme using this layout. Great work man!


Wow! Thanks :slight_smile: I’m amazed also about not having a vertical tab option… every time I try another editor or check out other themes, I can’t handle the horizontal tabs! It’s nice to know this is useful to others.


beautiful work

can you tell me how to switch the tabs position between vertical and horizontal?


Hi @seniorcandy

I might be misunderstanding your question… but in this theme, the tabs cannot be switched from vertical to horizontal. They are intentionally styled to be vertically listed vs. horizontally listed.

If you are asking how to make them vertically listed, it’s done with some CSS overrides targeting the various DOM elements in the Atom editor. Check out the styles for the tabs.less theme file and the panes.less theme file.

It’s a bit of an intricate process digging through the Atom Developer Tools and isolating the selectors that need to have their CSS flexbox properties adjusted.


If you don’t want to install an entire theme, this will work just as well (tested with the default Atom theme). https://gist.github.com/jasesmith/4b4a5ab6445ed8ce7c23791041c31408