A thanks and a good bye


Dear Atom community,

Thank you for the opportunity the community afforded me to take part in this Forum. It was very educational, yet challenging too. I have overstayed my welcome and is now moving on.

To all the regular helpers - thank you for contributing your efforts freely to strangers. Special mention should be made of @DamnedScholar who in my view carries much of the weight in this Forum. @Wliu seems to be everywhere when looking at code contribution - thank you for your visits here too.

So many are left unmentioned as individuals… later I will regret not mentioning you by name - do know I value your insights too. Mr. Scott - Good luck to you.

It is my sincere hope that I see in the future the Atom project grow from strength to strength.

Well wishes.
- Dan Padric


Sorry to see you go. You were very helpful.


Sorry to see you go @danPadric You were the first user here who helped me and I will always thank you for that.

Thanks, mate :slight_smile:



I hope it wasn’t something I said…