A seriously nasty problem


I’ve had files go back in time about once a week in the three weeks since I started using atom. I’ve lost an hour or two of work each time. I haven’t notice any crash and that wouldn’t hurt anyway since I do a save every 30 secs or so by muscle memory.

The first time I had autosave on and I thought maybe I had two editors open and one had old versions and got saved after the newer versions. So I disabled autosave.

The second loss happened while I was in the middle of developing a package that lets you go back in time so I obviously thought this was the problem. I immediately made it so the package couldn’t run on anything but test files.

This third time my new package was disabled and I didn’t have more than one editor window open. This one seems totally random.

Since the first loss happened even before I has started on my package I don’t see how the package could be the problem. It might be a package I’ve installed or a combination of two packages. Since it only happens once a week it would be really hard to isolate a package problem. I couldn’t live without the packages I’m using anyway. Committing to a repo more often wouldn’t help since I’ve have to commit every 10 mins to not lose work. I doubt it is a problem with my windows system because it has never happened with any other editor.

If I had any common sense I’d quit using Atom but I’m so hooked I’m going to keep on.

Ironically the package I’m developing would ameliorate the problem since it archives the file on each save. If this wan’t so painful I’d be happy this was an advertisement for my package (just kidding).

I’m on windows 8.0 and atom 120.


Note: This time wasn’t as serious as I thought. It was only one file that went back about an hour or so.


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand what happened :frowning: I get that you were working on some files and that you lose data. But I don’t understand in what way is this happening?

Being a newbie, I probably won’t be able to solve your problem, but I ask anyway on the grounds that perhaps it helps others to help you…


But I don’t understand in what way is this happening?

I don’t either. All I know is that edits were lost. It could be stupid human error of course, but I don’t know what I could have done.


Could this be the cause of it?


Yes, that would definitely explain it. I cant believe there is a standard key mapping that blows away your file with no warning. Everyone should be told and it should be top priority to be fixed. They could at least remove the key for a quick-fix.

I can’t think of any bug worse that this. Well, maybe deleting all your files, but it’s close to that bad.


I’m already working on it.

Edit: Pull Request submitted: https://github.com/atom/atom/pull/3169


Since this topic is essentially a duplicate and since most of the discussion is going on over there now anyway :grinning: … I’m closing this in favor of the other topic.

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