A root folder as project does not suffice


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Yes, because sometimes the files i want included in the project are dot-files from my home folder or files elsewhere, like /etc, which i can’t move, or i include the same files/folders in multiple projects.

Basically, 1) i shouldn’t have to modify my environment to work around my editor, and 2) i shouldn’t have to switch windows/projects to edit any files for which it makes sense to edit or reference together.

Imagine i’m writing a script to process some log files from /var/log. It would be nice to have the actual /var/log files opened in a pane in the same project in which i’m writing the script. Or if i mount folders from others hosts and i want my mount-points centralized rather than strewn about.

If cmd-t worked properly with symlinks, that’d be a cumbersome but workable workaround. But apparently, having the root folder contain a bunch of symlinks doesn’t work with cmd-t.

I think this is the only feature i’ve noticed that is keeping me from switching from ST.


I think everyone is in agreement that this would be a good thing.

There is an issue open to track this here: https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/1722


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