A *really good* remote file editor


I feel like there isn’t a really good remote file editing package because it would need to have deeper integrations with other packages than any currently do. My ideal remote editing package would have all the things that make local file editing in atom great, just with remote files:

  • Automatically saving the file when I press save, without my having to manually take another action beyond pressing Ctrl+S
  • Tree view
  • Git file status (highlighting changed and added lines, etc.)

As I see it, I can:

  • Download everything to a local folder, and upload manually. This covers the first two points perfectly.

  • Use a package:

    • Remote Edit which covers the third point, but not the first two.
    • Remote FTP which covers the first point decently, but can’t upload files automatically on save
    • Remote Sync, which I couldn’t get to work.

I can’t find a really good package that does all three of these things.

In the past, I’ve used Transmit Disk, but that’s really slow with git commands.

Does anyone have a workflow for easily and efficiently working with remote files? I’m on OS X


Have you tried posting issues on the three repos for the packages you mention. On can expect all to do what you want, especially for Remote Sync to work. (grin)

You don’t say what platform you are on, but on linux I find sshfs to be awesome. Just like being there.


sshfs looks cool, does it work on OS X?


Probably. The beauty of sshfs is that literally nothing needs to be run on the server. It is also performant and good at staying connected when a connection is interrupted like closing the lid on your laptop.

The only catch I’ve run into is that the server can’t automatically watch for file changes from the editor. Whatever software that watches needs to poll. This hasn’t caused me any problem but there is a loss of performance when polling.

For one project I set up a script to auto-watch locally and then run a script on the server to compile, build, reload, etc. This didn’t need to poll. It was pretty easy to set up.

I wonder if there is a package that lets you run a command on the server, using SSH, whenever a file is saved. That would be perfect. I’ll check into it or maybe even write it.

Edit: It just occurred to me that if you could run a command on the server you wouldn’t even need to run sshfs or any other remote edit package. A simple script on the server could use rsync to pull the file to the server and then do the build and reload. Very interesting.

Edit2: Actually this wouldn’t even need to have a script or anything else on the server. The ssh command from the editor could have the rsync and build commands right in the command.


Yes, I’ve used sshfs quite a bit on OS X over the past few years.


I’m off to write a package I’ll call server-script. It lets you write and edit a script on the local machine with Atom and then you can run the script on the server on a command or on any save. You will be able to move existing server scripts to local and then run them on any server.

It will be easy. It will use rsync to push the script and then SSH to run it. That script can then pull all changed files with rsync. No need for sshfs or any other remote package.

This functionality overlaps a lot with other packages, but I like it’s simplicity. And it thinks in the opposite direction using push instead of pull. And it is not pull-edit-push, it is just edit-save.


I know this is an old topic but didn’t find anything else. I want to add that the reason I’m not using any of the remote packages is because they store the passwords or passphrase in plain text. One does allow for using a system key ring.


I have the same concern, anyone know of a package that can use the system keychain?