A problem in selecting a single or part of word in unicode (UTF-8) file


I would like to ask if you can help me to find out why when I move the cursor to select a single or part of word in my unicode file , the selection includes the full phrase or the full araw.

I am working specifically on Arabic text, is this a common problem with other languages using the unicode UTF-8 format.
Any comment or suggestions are appreciated.
Many thanks


Sorry the full row or array


Could you please show the forum this in a screen capture.


Thanks for your reply, yes of course, this is an example. As can be seen here I could not select a single word or letter from the Arabic script.
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This is strange.
I wonder if others have this issue.
What happens if you change to UTF16 encoding?
Which version of Atom on what OS in which primary OS language?


Yes, actually all user are facing the same issue with arabic language. I use Brackets instead for editing Arabic text.