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Hey! (first post)

So I use to learn python on Khan Academy, and I remember a few cool quirks about that editor, including when you click on a number, you can use the slider to change the number. There’s also a color picker when hovering over a color code, I found a color picker but was wondering if the number slider existed. Thanks!


IMHO, such a slider would only make sense if you could define its boundaries.

Emmet comes with shortcuts to increment/decrement numbers in steps of 0.1, 1 or 10.


I think boundaries can be somewhat derived from the value. If the value is 0.2, you can start the slider with default bounds of o to 1. And then provide a way to edit the bounds.

Carbide provides a good example: https://alpha.trycarbide.com/

One consideration, would sliders be helpful outside of a live-coding environment?