A multilingual wiki for Atom?


Is there an (official/unofficial) wiki for Atom (like EmacsWiki and WikEmacs) or are there any plans to start one? If not, maybe I can launch (and maintain) one.

As for examples, I think ArchWiki is a great example of a successful “official” wiki, and EmacsWiki is an example of a successful “unofficial” wiki.

I don’t think the wiki in every GitHub repository will be enough for Atom. Atom is a very large and ambitious project (or a set of projects, like GNU), and GitHub wiki isn’t suitable for very large projects. AFAIK GitHub wiki doesn’t have effective spam prevention features (such as URL/word blacklist and CAPTCHAs), doesn’t support web feeds (RSS/Atom), automatic TOC, per-article discussion pages (although there are GitHub Issues and discuss.atom.io), watchlist etc. (But anyway, I like the “clone this wiki locally” feature.)

Any comments?


A wiki attached to the forum would be good since the forum covers all topics. It would be especially nice if one forum search returned results from both forum posts and the wiki.

And while I’m asking for everything, maybe one click could add a post to the wiki? That would be cool.