A more accessible intro to Atom?


I tried reading the documentation on Atom’s website but I find it totally unreadable, perhaps because I don’t have much Computer Science background. I’ve managed to use Atom to write LaTeX files and run Python code, but I’d like to be more familiar with what Atom can do. So does anyone know about guides or introductions that don’t assume a lot of background knowledge?


If there are parts that you find unclear or you have suggestions for improvement, please file a bug on the docs repository :grinning: It definitely helps to have feedback on what is not clear and why.


I think you’d probably find the things that I’m unclear on extremely simple. For instance, I don’t know what an API is–yeah, I could google it, and maybe half understand it after googling, but given that it’s unexplained in the first section under “getting started”, proceeding at this pace is going to be a hard slog. I’m not sure if you want to dumb down the guide that much.

But for some more completeness, I can guess at but not be clear on what “We’ve set deprecation messages and errors in strategic places to help make sure you don’t miss anything.” is saying. In the sentence “If you use any class from require ‘atom’ with a $ or View in the name, add the atom-space-pen-views module to your package’s package.json file’s dependencies:” I’m not sure what a class is, I’m guessin require is a terminal command, and I don’t know pretty much anything about package.json. And like I said, here I’m just taking the first few sentences from the top of the “Getting Started” section and already I feel way out of my depth.

If you want I can file this as a bug, but I can also kind of understand if you wanted to keep the documentation more technical for those users who would understand and appreciate diving in like this.


Yes, please. I feel it’s important to keep in mind that there are multiple audiences for Atom and perhaps the Flight Manual needs a gentler introduction before the programmer-y terms start flying around.


Perhaps there could be two guides, one for more experienced developers, and one for new devs who would like to use Atom as they learn to code.


That is an awsome idea ^^