A few feature requests


I have noticed a few missing features, and figured to keep them in one place rather than many smaller topics:

  • Allow EOL changing (allow me to convert \r\n to \n, or have a setting that automatically does so on save.
  • Allow indentation changing (if I load a file with tabs, allow me to actively convert to spaces and vice-versa). (Maybe the ‘soft tabs’ setting does this already in the background, but I’d like to to be explicit.)
  • Multiple cursor woes.
    • And allow box selection.
  • Click-and-drag on selection to move selection (rather than redefine new selection).
    • Okay this may be a controversial one - I’m used to this being all over Windows, and I have a feeling it never used to be the case that Mac apps did this, however, they slowly are as far as I can tell.
  • Single click on files in tree-view can open the files if it wants to, I don’t mind, but not a new tab for every single-click.
  • More git integration (add to index, commit, etc.)
  • Better idea of package install stats - earlier packages will have more installs and this will artificially inflate their importance, whereas newer, better, more-often-updated packages that do the same thing may be overlooked by most people seeing that large shiny number on the old package. I must admit that I don’t have a good solution here, though. I tend to click ‘more info’ and look at the readme file, version number (higher suggests more updates) and even the code in the repo sometimes in order to compare two packages that appear to do the same thing.

Obviously some or all of these are either issues with packages or feature requests which could be implemented as packages, but I thought I’d put them all here, as the Atom devs seem to be happy to put core-like features into packages, so it seems fine to request possibly package-like functionality in a way that suggests I want it in core (if that makes any sense).


I created a package for this one: tabs-to-spaces

A lot of these ideas seem to already have topics open. It is generally best, though I agree harder on the poster, to have one issue per topic so that we can point people to the canonical answer when one comes up.


Sorry I didn’t do all this in one post. I was at work between meetings and didn’t have time to dig up all the threads.

Box selection:

Drag to move or copy:

Click to preview:

More git integration:

If you’d like to open separate topics for the remaining issues:

  • Allow EOL changing
  • Better idea of package install stats

that would be a big help. We try to keep the discussion around an issue to a single topic because then the people that care about that idea can add their two cents where everyone else will see it.

Since this topic is mostly duplicating other topics, I’m going to have to close it.

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