A CSS Quick Editor Package (Brackets style)


Hey everyone! So I’m happy to say I just finished the initial release of my first package quick-editor.

This lets you edit your styles files from the context of your markup file without cluttering up your workspace, similar to the quick-edit feature of Brackets.

This is an initial release and still has a lot more work to be done. Please note it only works with selectors that are already defined and a single place in your project so far. I wanted to release this out early in order to get as much feedback / bug reports as possible, so let me know what you guys think if you decide to try it out!

Special thanks to @olmokramer for answering most of my questions over the past week. You really helped me get off the ground quickly!

Brackets Like Quick Edit
Expand CSS rules inline HTML

Well done this is awesome! I have been waiting for a Brackets style quick edit package for so long.

Will be using daily, will give any constructive feedback as and when I can.

Keep up the good work.


Cool! I love the concept! :smile: Not working with any HTML/CSS at the moment but I’ll definitely check this out when I am.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just released a new update that lets you add a new selector if one doesn’t already exist, and some other misc improvements. Enjoy!


Great feature! I really liked it in Brackets.
Thank you for your work :slight_smile:


Great, thank you very much for working on this!
Just a quick note: the default key-binding didn’t work for me on a PC with Linux, replacing “cmd” by “ctrl” did the trick. Maybe there is a way to adapt this to the system automatically?
Also, the right click menu entry “toggle quick-editor” doesn’t seem to work.

Some improvement ideas:

  • showing the name of the css file would be helpful, a link to open it in another tab even more.
  • support for several css files if the style is defined across more than one file (not an ideal situation, but it happens and this package could be helpful precisely to check this).
  • if the quick-editor is open and the css file is modified from elsewhere, the quick-editor doesn’t refresh and it has priority and will override the modifications made in the file. Maybe this is the intended behaviour but it should be made clear to the user.

Anyway, thanks again, already nice as it is.


Hey @donlencho thanks for the feedback! The case where a style is defined across multiple files is definitely pretty high on the current TODO list so expect to see that coming soon. I hadn’t thought about your other two suggestions, but I especially like linking to open up the file in a new tab. I’ll add them both to the list :grin:

Also bummer about the key binding and toggle option I didn’t know that, I’ll try to get those fixed ASAP.


Hello! Qiuck editor not work(( I distinguish selector, press the right button, then choose “Quick-Edit”, but nothing happens. I try do this with ctrl+shift+e, I removed the atom and install clean atom, but it did not help. The same situation in two of my friends. Please tell me how to configure it, or what to do? Thank you! Atom 1.8.0.


Same for me not working…


Is there any way to have some help making it work?


Hey. I had the same problem at first. I switched the key-binding to cntrl-cmd-e and it worked great.


You are the man! I have bounced back and forth between Atom and Brackets for so long because of the quick edit feature. I would totally have your baby, but I’m a dude so don’t have the hips for it :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, I have a bad news for you all.

I have contacted Brandon (@Maushundb), suggesting to transfer to new inheritors or remove, so he abandoned it since he joined Facebook. He chose to remove Quick-Edit.

This package is no longer available. If you depend on this package, please, use Brackets.