A couple of questions for Atom


First of all, I would like to thank the developers for making such a wonderful application. Although Atom is considered to be overkill for what I want to do, nothing beats working on an environment that you just love.

Anyways, I’m using Atom for the sole purpose of writing CSS. And this is not the regular CSS that you guys do. I’m just doing an overwrite/override in Xenforo. Basically, in Xenforo, there are CSS files for the forum theme already. You just have a .css file called EXTRA.css where you put all your edits. For example, there’s an existing CSS rule:

.cssRule .sidebar .sidebarWidget .cssNotRule

In order for me to target that CSS without editing the original files, I just have to use that rule and add the theme parent name infront. Like:

.devCodeXen .cssRule .sidebar .sidebarWidget .cssNotRule

That will then override the default one that came with the theme. So now that I have expressed my use of Atom, I was wondering:

  1. Would it be possible for me to configure Atom to set the default language to CSS everytime I open it? So that I don’t have to press the language thing at the bottom everytime I use it.

  2. How can I remove the white line the middle of the editor? It is quite distracting for me?

  3. Would there be any plugins that you would recommend for me to hopefully make my tasks easier/more fun?

Thank you very much Github crew!

EDIT: 1 more thing, how can I increase the scroll bar on the right? It seems to be too small.


If you open files with a CSS extension, it will open them as CSS. But the answer to this is in the FAQ:

This is also in the FAQ:

We have featured plugins in the package registry: