A "Call Stack" sidebar, what do you think?


I got an idea when I was playing with ClojureScript. In using Sublime Text and Atom, I have to switch files very frequently to edit the code spreads in different areas of the project. I have to jup between the file and functions. And that costs a lot of time.

What I found is, it’s very easy to find all the related functions in debugging when there’s a break point and a call stack. Every line of code related to the bug are collected and placed on the sidebar. When I want to read the related code, it’s most times one click away.

So why do we have this in writing code? Since I’m writing ClojureScript currently so I made one based on Clojure, here’s some details if you want. And I got a screencast here showing how I play with my editor called Stack Editor.

And how about Atom? Atom is a hackable editor, can we add a sidebar in Atom to show a call stack by static analysis, and people just navigate functions by simple clicks?


That would be a great package idea.


I love this idea, very useful! I might take a shot at a JavaScript version of this for Atom.