64 bit linux rpm package tries to install 32 bit libraries



since several versions the 64 bit rpm version of Atom tries to install 32 bit libraries. Atom 1.12.6 rpm package didn’t have this problem.

Package Arch Version Repository Size Installing: glibc i686 2.24-4.fc25 updates 4.0 M libX11 i686 1.6.4-4.fc25 updates 623 k libXScrnSaver i686 1.2.2-10.fc24 fedora 28 k libXau i686 1.0.8-6.fc24 fedora 34 k libXext i686 1.3.3-4.fc24 fedora 43 k libcrypt-nss i686 2.24-4.fc25 updates 43 k libxcb i686 1.12-1.fc25 fedora 227 k nss-softokn-freebl i686 3.28.1-1.0.fc25 updates 215 k Upgrading: atom x86_64 1.13.1-0.1 @commandline 82 M