32 bit version of github and atom. Will not show "Open in Atom" and didnt create atom shortcut on desktop


Hi all,

I have a 32 bit windows 10 machine and i have installed github desktop and atom. On my 64 bit versions of windows it created a shortcut for atom on the desktop, but now on the 32 bit one. Also when looking in github I do not get the “open in Atom” button isn’t showing either. I cannot install 64 bit windows on the 32 bit machine.

Has anyone has this issue and does anyone know how to fix it please?



I haven’t seen it, and 32-bit Windows 10 computers are probably really rare, so the chance of somebody being able to replicate your environment isn’t great. Both of the things you’re missing are easy enough to make happen manually (here’s a tutorial on adding context menu entries, if you’re not familiar).


Will doing this give me the ability to push and pull within atom? As it doesnt seem to detect in atom if i open a folder with git info.


I think it might be the atom install as on the first install it never made a desktop icon. It also never had any welcome page either.


That’s a different issue entirely. I can help with that too, but you need to post a screenshot of Atom while in a git repo.


That is the issue, i cannot open any git within atom, I can open a project folder but then git within atom just doesn’t pick up any changes. I ave tried earlier version of atom just to see if that installs properly but it just seems like it messes up the end of the install (shortcut and github integration)



In atom, if I add a project from within, even though i have changed the index file in this example, git just isn’t showing it, but on my 64bit machine this all works fine.


That is strange. And that information helped me find this issue, which indicates that you’re clearly not alone in this.


Thank you for that, im actually a little glad that I am not the only one as I was about to reinstall windows which on this device is a good solid day of messing.

I am guessing that it should eventually be fixed.