3 tone override everything stylesheet


Welp, I’m new to this block &&…
As the title suggest, I have been working on an extensive colors override stylesheet (both ui and syntax.) I prolly should just make themes. I did this route to curb learning how to make them. It’s nice to change the colors on the fly too!

3 base tones: background, foreground, hot
& a few shades via lighten(),darken(),fadeOut()

syntax highlighting? -too distracting, slows the learning of new grammar. “If you always use a calculator to do math - smh”

Used over top “One Dark UI” and syntax theme doesn’t really make much difference. Added some font-weight to certain syntax–types. Vertical tabs for all who have 6 or more tabs open at any given time and still want to read them.



Ps: It annoys me greatly that most nodeJs apps use a menu that does not inherit the OS’s menu color scheme. High Contrast users are in for a rude awakening when the click > File or right click anywhere on the page.