3 problems, help =D


Hello :slight_smile:

I have a questions about Atom

  1. How to modifie space with indent ?

  2. What’s this : https://i.imgur.com/XF2Bt0Z.png

  3. How to remove the last \n in page : https://i.imgur.com/BFKPnaT.png


  1. I’m not sure I understand the question?
  2. See the FAQ
  3. While not exactly the same question, the answer is the same as in this FAQ


If you mean the number of spaces in automated indents/tabs then, in the main settings page, under Editor Settings there is the option Tab Length for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 spaces.


Re, sorry for the late :slight_smile:

  1. Ok, thanks :smiley:
  2. Ok, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. https://atom.io/packages/tabs-to-spaces xD

So thanks