2MB limitation: makes for a horrible first impression

“Atom can only handle files < 2MB, for now.”

Um. What’s up with that? Spending a few years with SlickEdit may have spoiled me forever, but the first thing I’ll do with any new fancy “text editor” is to see how it handles big files.

Also, why bury that error in the JavaScript console, instead of giving me feedback where I can see it?

Strongly recommend fixing both of these issues before opening up the beta to a larger audience.

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The Atom team has stated they plan to lift these limitations once they’ve got the proper optimizations in place, before the beta period is over:

At the time of that posting the limit was only 1MB, so they are already making small steps in that area in the last week or so.

Thanks for the answer!

How do you define “huge” btw? One of my requirements for a programmer’s text editor is that it should be able to open files of arbitrary size in constant time. (Source files are generally on the small side, but we also often deal with things like log files, SQL dumps and whatnot.)

Is that a target for the Atom team?

Meanwhile I would advise making it a lot more obvious why Atom isn’t opening the file. Current behavior makes this feel like a bug rather than a designed in limitation. Modeling error reporting on the browser’s Javascript console behavior is, IMHO, not going to cut it for this type of program.

Aren’t there better tools available for those kinds of files?

Looking at window.onerror, it looks like something should be happening when the error occurs. Trying to produce something that would make this trigger…

function () {
    return _this.emit.apply(_this, ['uncaught-error'].concat(__slice.call(arguments)));

If you launched Atom in dev mode (atom -d), I’m pretty certain this opens up the developer tools window. If you launched Atom in regular mode, I think _this.openDevTools() is a no-op. I could be wrong though.

Is this limitation still there?

If you look at the pinned topic describing the Atom Roadmap:

You’ll see that there is a tracking issue for the things that, at this point in time, they intend to include in v1.0:

One of the things on that list is:

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom team.

Wow thanks for the very detailed answer :smile:

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If you are by any chance opening a large file just for viewing, like a log, then I have a package called view-tail-large-files that supports gigabyte files. It can be set to automatically open a file that Atom can’t open.

Can we please lift this 2MB limitation, or at least allow us to set the limit and deal with slower speed of opening? Extremely annoying to have the chrome-style inspector show up everytime I try to open a relatively small log file or try to close an image preview. LOVE this editor for swift navigation but hate opening Sublime or gedit just for the occasional file.

The Atom team is working on things that will allow the 2MB limit to be lifted. It is on the 1.0 Roadmap. On the other hand, the Chrome Inspector shouldn’t be shown when you hit this limit, it should be showing a popup … which version of Atom are you using?

Thank you and yep, you’re right. It’s a case of RTFM for me, on Ubuntu and didn’t realize the autoupgrade isn’t there. I was on v0.131.0 . Love the new popup…soooo much sweeter! :smile:

Really looking forward to the roadmap items!

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