2019 bugs 🎉

Atom bugs I continue to observe in Atom in 2019:

  • The cursor often disappears, requiring pressing arrow keys / relaunching to resolve.
  • The Atom file menu in macOS silently fails to open/reopen entries unless there is already an Atom window open, such as a blank file.
  • When a non-directory file is replaced with a directory file, then the Atom project tree node does not update until a parent node is closed and reopened.
  • The package list / updates / install UI is still three different tabs. Not really a bug so much as a user experience annoyance, especially when rapidly testing install/uninstall to debug installation issues.
  • language-make always nests copy-pasted tasks one level too deep, instead of sticking to the left-most margin.


I like it that you are trying to invoke change.

Yet what is the purpose of your report? What outcome is expected? There is very little context to pull from the “bug list”.

  1. I have never seen this happen. When does this happen for you?

  2. I have never seen this happen on Windows. When does it happen for you? Has this been reported to the authority on the Atom Core?

  3. What is a “directory file”?

  4. I prefer the UI as it is now. I utilize command line commands to achieve “rapid testing”. Most testing require Atom to restart to deliver a repeatable results.

  5. Does the package author know of this behaviour? Is it a package issue?

The biggest issue I see for Atom is that the public seem to expect an IDE. Without this, Atom’s following would dwindle. The troubles you pointed out has nothing to do with transforming Atom’s core from text editor to IDE. Without very exact indicators, your “bug list” is on the endangered wish list.


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Fully agree on this, I would love to install and manage installed packages from the same view

The “silently fail to open windows on macOS” is a longstanding but that has been reported several times on the Atom Core repo. There is apparently an open PR to fix that is hanging around.