2 second delay in editor and tree views, on Ubuntu, over X11


I’m using Atom on Ubuntu, with display over X11 to a Win7 PC. If I pause typing or cursoring for >1 second, there is a 2 second delay before display updates resume.

This occurs only in the editor and tree parts of the main window.
I do NOT see this issue when cursoring in the menus, e.g. cursoring up/down in the Packages menu,

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a source file and place the cursor somewhere in the source code
  2. Hit the [A] key every 0.5 seconds, and watch the a’s appear in your source code.
  3. Now hit your [A] key every 1.5 seconds instead (i.e. slower than once per second). Notice how the a’s appear after random delays of 0-2 seconds.

There appears to be a timeout happening if I pause my typing for more than 1 second. Resuming takes 2 seconds, which is very frustrating when typing or navigating source code, and essentially renders Atom useless in this setup.

This happens on my Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS.
I do not see this on a RedHat 7.2.
My X11 link has ~2.2ms delay.
I’ve tried both MobaXterm and Xming X servers on my Win7 PC.

Are there any 1s timeouts in the keyboard handling code for the editor and file tree windows?


Since I was experienceing this on a Ubuntu VM, I today tried Atom on a new blank VM of same specs and OS version. Here, Atom works flawlessly.

“Everything” else in my setup is identical, same Atom version (1.15), same Win7 PC with MobaXterm, both using X11 etc.

Something must have broke in my old VM with regards to how Atom is processing keyboard input and updating the display output…anyway, this new VM is now my main dev machine, and I’m happy :slight_smile: