2 different OS, 2 different computer, identical problem - cannot read property 'on' of unudefined

  • Electron Version: 2.0.2
  • npm Version: 3.5.2
  • Node Version: 10.2.1
  • Operating System (Platform and Version): Ubuntu and Windows 10
  • Last known working Electron version: none

Actual behavior
cannot read property ‘on’ of unudefined

It is one week that I try to work with electron and I check everywhere for understand my problem.
I try everything but nothing was work for me.
I have just ubuntu installed in this laptop

I try to:

  • Install electron globally, then removed and use just in local project;
  • I always use --verbose and no problem in installation;
  • Remove electron, npm, node and reinstall from begin;
  • clean npm cache
  • Use differents electron type ( electron, electron-builder, electron-prebuilder ) with and without --save-dev );
  • Use differents terminal;
  • include “electron” and “app” in different way, but is look like there is not “app”, autocomplete not find it
  • Used quick start app, maybe my code was wrong;

In the end I decide to move in windows, I installed node, npm, electron and try with quik start application but I have the same error.

Now I am ask myself if is not a problem by electron.

I log require and resolve and they are in local


How is possible that I have the same problem in two differents computer with two differents operation system?
How can I solve it?

thanks in advance