2 Atom Core Deprecations

I’m getting these errors trying to start a new Julia session in Atom:

Use require("electron").shell instead of require("shell")

Use require("electron").remote instead of require("remote")

How do I fix this so that Julia can start?

These are not errors, just warnings aimed at package developers. Your Julia package should work just fine.

Deprecation warnings are messages that tell you to stop using some existing feature, as it is going to be removed or has been superseded by a better alternative.

After just recently getting these warnings and updating Atom, I haven’t been able to start a Julia session in the REPL in Atom.

I have been writing Julia code. I don’t know why these warnings are appearing now all of a sudden.

I’ve looked for these remote.js and shell.js packages and can’t find them. Are these the features to stop using? Should they be removed? Any suggestions?

Reinstalling the packages: uber-juno, julia-client, ink, and language-julia stops the REPL from immediately crashing. Though the deprecation warnings are still there.


Thanks @wkrier!. I had the same issue and your suggestions solved my problem. Now I can use Julia in the REPL in Atom.

Awesome @bdvalqui ! I’m glad you fixed it

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I had the same deprecation calls, and I wasn’t able to start Julia. After I did a factory reset Julia runs but I still have the calls. It seems like a simple enough syntax fix but I’m still very new to this and don’t even know how open the core terminal. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Thanks a lot that the problems has been fixed with your method, while the warnings are still there. @wkrier
If you find the way to fix the calls someday, please let me know. Thanks again!