"1 deprecation" in Atom Core, and can't figure it out


Atom version 1.13.0, macOS 10.12.1

So, all of my packages have finally updated and gotten rid of the 17+ deprecations I’ve had since this whole Deprecation Cop thing came out.

I even noticed and fixed my own custom stylesheets that also had some warnings.

Except for one…

Everytime I try to open any of these files, my Atom freezes and locks up, getting prompted after a minute or two to “wait or close.” If I click wait, which I have many times, it continues to stay frozen.

Since it says “atom core”, I don’t think this is a package that I can upgrade.

When loading Atom in safe mode, I don’t get the deprecation warning… Hence, the need to load my plugins to see what is going on.

What could this ever be?

Here’s some of my custom scripts:


# set initial value
document.documentElement.style.fontSize = atom.config.get('editor.fontSize') + 'px'

# update value
atom.config.onDidChange 'editor.fontSize', ({newValue}) ->
  document.documentElement.style.fontSize = newValue + 'px'

# alias-command package
aliasCommand = atom.packages.getLoadedPackage('alias-command').requireMainModule()


  'ctrl-+': 'ui:increase-font-size'
  'ctrl-_': 'ui:decrease-font-size'

# clipboard-plus
'.platform-darwin atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
  'cmd-shift-v': 'clipboard-plus:toggle'
'.platform-win32 atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
  'ctrl-shift-v': 'clipboard-plus:toggle'
'.platform-linux atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
  'ctrl-shift-v': 'clipboard-plus:toggle'

# vim-mode-plus-ex-mode
  ':': 'vim-mode-plus-ex-mode:open'
  '!': 'vim-mode-plus-ex-mode:toggle-setting'

Besides my stylesheet, that’s about all I changed in this Atom.


It is saying that the environment package is deprecated. So you should uninstall the environment package like it says in the README, the functionality of the package was obviated by a pull request to Atom itself quite a while ago.


Oh, I see now! “package is deprecated.” Yep, removed it and that Deprecation warning went away!

Except now… A new one has popped up:

Any clue as to where to fix this?


No, I haven’t seen that message. Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging guide?