1.40.1 on ChromeBook breaks github staying logged in?

Ok, this seems to be on ongoing fixed then re-broken issue. I never have this problem on my Desktop Linux box: I put in the token to log in to github and all is good never need to log in again.

On my laptop EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY AN PUSH it prompts for USER/PASS, I have tried:

  • ticking the remember box
  • using my pass as the pass
  • using my token as the pass
  • new token

No matter what I do it WONT stay logged into to github. Wants user/pass EVERY TIME annoying to the point that makes Atom unusable for workflow. And as said I NEVER NEED TO DO THIS ON THE DESKTOP

  • Desktop is v1.34.0
  • Laptop 1.40.1

So it was fixed, and then BROKEN in the updates to Atom: what code do I need to place to fix this so 1.40.1 works like 1.34.0? Or, how do I force it to know my user/pass? Looks like this was a bid deal back in 2017, but then fixed, and now REBROKEN

OK, looks like this is not 1.40.1 Vs 1.34.0; did a forced down grade and oddly still wants pass every time. still wants new token every time I open Atom. It is just flat out not saving the git log in. Is there a way to HARD CODE the pass like you need to HARD CODE the:

name =
email =

in the config file? know that is not ideal but as a work around?

Additional info: this is a Chromebook and the linux beta: seems to be working great other than some git co dependency thing that is forcing me to pass/user every push. Any help tracking down what needs to happen for this to stop prompting for pass like it should would help ALOT

IMHO it’s best to authenticate with a SSH key. GitHub has an excellent documentation for that.

Using the SSH protocol, you can connect and authenticate to remote servers and services. With SSH keys, you can connect to GitHub without supplying your username or password at each visit.

Please also take note that many people find the use of uppercase letters annoying, likely because they’re associated with shouting (but also for decreased readability). If you want help, you don’t shout in people’s face, do you?

So there is no way to make Atom work in this case withe standard credentials like it will on the desktop?

I believe the credentials are just as needed by git. So when you do it from the command line, does git ask for them too each time?

yes, just tried, and watched atom follow along as I did command line. So why wont it store them like it will on my Mint box?

So git will ask for the credentials too? How git stores them is OS dependent. Personally, on my Mac they seemed to persist, but on Ubuntu they were forgotten quickly. I had to google how to workaround it.

I think the ChromeOS Linux Beta is Debian or Ubuntu based. What work around did you find? While at some point I will likely use SSH, for now I want to understand how to force this OS to store it like my Mint Distro will


Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 9.9 (stretch)
Release: 9.9
Codename: stretch

so they basically used Debian. So, sounds like the problem is track down what is different about Debian and Mint that lets mint not forget them so quick. If you have a clue what it is I need to add to git I am all ears

Sorry, I don’t have access to the computer I did it on, and can’t remember what I did.

Darn :frowning:

OK, found the “bug” and it is because it is a chromebook, looks like the ChromeBook Linux beta uses a very core Debian so there is not “cashe” for git, you can SSH or “git config credential.helper store” which can be a security flaw. But if you do not care about that, you can enable store per git on the ChromeBook.