1.19.2 lines in some files were deleted




How to fix it?


1. <div>
2. </div>

1. <div> huge space </div>


It’s hard to tell for sure without a screenshot, but this sounds like a thread posted a couple of weeks ago, where the issue seemed to be Atom becoming stricter about the line endings that it displayed. In the status bar, you should see a bit of text that says either LF, CRLF, or Mixed. Click on it and change it and see what that does.





“Mixed” in the status bar


What happens when you change it? If you open the files in a different text editor, do they look any differently? What happens when you open them in a browser, right-click, and select View Source?


When I open it with Textedit it is ok. Then I copy-paste to atom and it is ok too. But there are so many files with broken lines in atom.


What happens when you try to change the line endings in Atom using the status bar button?