1.18 Beta side by side with 1.17 overriding MacOS launchpad icon with 1.18 only


Today I downloaded Atom 1.18 Beta on my MacOS 10.12.4 system that was already running 1.17. I know the two are supposed to be able to run side by side and that’s definitely the case. If you open the applications folder you’ll see both apps there.

When I open launchpad though which is how I frequently launch my apps it’s only showing Atom Beta now and not both Atom and Atom Beta. How can this be resolved? I’d like to have both versions at my fingertips without opening the application folder.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m seeing the same thing and was running out of ideas trying to fix it on the macOS end, didn’t think it would be on Atom’s.

Atom: 1.21.0
Atom Beta: 1.22.0-beta0
macOS: 10.13 (17A365)


I was unable to. It’s an issue on their GitHub now so hopefully something will be figured out.