0.83.0 - Atom / Emmet : Expanding abbreviation having issues


Hi all,

Not sure if this is an issue with Atom or Emmet.

After installing Emmet via apm, firing up atom and then with the default untitled file open, I typed in html:5 to test it out. Unfortunately, that abbreviation ( or any abbreviation ) that Emmet supports is not being expanded. You have to save the file first to .html before Emmet works.

If I save the file with a .php extension, expand abbreviation also doesn’t work. With the example above, it outputs to <html:5></html:5>



Was this fixed?

if not you can try the first official beta https://github.com/emmetio/emmet-atom

Source: https://github.com/atom/emmet/issues/78


Hi Abe,

The issue still exists. I removed the old installation of Atom from my machine and any/all configuration files that comes with it. I restarted my machine prior to installing the latest beta.