0.133, Settings page, ColorPicker popup


When viewing the Settings page since updating to .133, the “color picker” from the Color Picker package pops up at random in the package list. Very weird.


Have you reported this issue on the color picker package repository?


For me this also happens on

  • 0.133
  • Windows 7
  • with and without “–safe”
  • theme Monokai / Atom Dark

It seems the classes “theme-monokai theme-atom-dark-ui” are added and removed from the div having the classname “workspace” in some loop. Also CPU goes up pretty much during this time.

After some “flickering” (10 seconds) the settings-view goes back to normal


I just reported two issues (#256 and #257) on the setting-view project, and it seems to me that the issues you’re encountering may be related to the second issue.

I also noticed that an error was thrown by the color picker package, but I didn’t investigate it.


It’s not just the settings page: launch Atom, open your config, make an edit and save.

You get a few flickers.